Constructive Criticism of LOTR Fanfiction

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Lord of the Rings, the fanfiction and the books

Purpose of Community

Inspired by this post by lexin, this community is for reviewing and critiquing Lord of the Rings fanfiction.

Any member may post. You do not have to have been a member for any length of time, though (as for any community) time spent reading the previous posts won't be wasted.

Authors are welcome to post stories which they would specifically like reviewed; they must expect their stories to be examined closely and be able to graciously accept constructive comments and discussion of their stories. Please have your story beta-read at least once before posting; this group will review the story as if it is finished, not as a work in progress.

Reviews of stories may also be posted here for discussion; if you post a review, please include a link to the story, either a direct link if the archive allows it or a link to the front page of the archive and clear directions. Reviews of NC 17 and R rated stories should be noted as such, but they do not need to be cut if the review itself is not NC17/R. Long reviews of any flavour should be cut. A story does not necessarily have to be finished before being reviewed, though if the story is a work in progress, or on hiatus, the reviewer should make that clear.

We do not normally ask for the permission of the writer before reviewing, and will not restrict which stories may be reviewed. (This means: do not email the maintainers and ask to be taken off our "list". There is no list.)

Meta-discussion is welcome, including meta-discussion on Tolkien's work and this may include comparisons with other writers such as C. S. Lewis and Ursula Le Guin.

Standards of Behaviour

This community is focused on constructive criticism. While we might like our snark, please keep criticism focused on the story rather than the author. We will delete flames, but be aware that the maintainers have a strict definition of what constitutes a flame: that your story has been panned is not a flame. It hurts, but the reviewer didn't attack you personally, she disliked your story. If she calls the writer rude names, that's a flame.

If your story has been reviewed here, the proper course of action to take is to thank the reviewer. You may disagree with them, and you may do so in comments, but you also are asked not to flame the reviewer. Remember, she did take the time to read your story closely and offer suggestions that should help you in the future.

Some Places With LOTR Stories

Fanfiction.net: All stories, quality may be on the low end of the scale.
Adultfanfiction.net. Contains only R and NC17 stories. Like ff.net, stories range from the tolerable to the execrable, with the odd gem thrown in. Do not access aff.net if you are under the age of majority in your locality.
LOTRFanfiction.com: All stories. Includes RPS. Divided into book and movie 'verse.
Ansereg: Slash fiction focusing on dark stories and BDSM.
Henneth Annun: Archive of peer-reviewed stories. All stories.
The Library of Moria: Slash archive from the lxf list.
Fellowship: Boromir/Aragorn site.
Fellowship of the Legolas: A site for stories focusing on Legolas.
Faramir Archive. As might be guessed, this is an archive focusing on Faramir.
West of the Moon: A Hobbit-centric archive, peer reviewed so standards should be reasonably high.
Frodo Fiction: Self explanatory.
Room for a Little More: Hobbit-centric archive.
Stories of Arda: Non-slash archive featuring hobbits, men and elves.
The original Axe and Bow archive. Legolas/Gimli and other elf/dwarf pairings and friendship stories, no longer updated.
The new Axe and Bow archive, as above, but updated.
The Open Scrolls Archive features het (i.e. heterosexual pairings) and gen stories, G to NC17.
Of Elves and Men largely slash archive featuring elves and men - it's the archive of the Elves and Men Yahoo group. Story quality is sometimes not of the highest, but it has some fun pairings you don't often find.

Resources for writers

To avoid tortured Elvish and "Grelvish" (Elvish which isn't) Merin Essi ar Quenteli, a site which has lists of (reliable as far as I can tell) Elvish names and phrases and a list of names in the Black Speech.
The Encyclopedia of Arda, exactly what it says on the title but obviously constantly a work in progress.

On writing

On Thud and Blunder by Poul Anderson and hosted by the SF writers association: some matters you might like to consider when writing mythic fantasy, including some (inaccurate) ideas about why you might not want your characters ride stallions.
The Turkey City Lexicon, also hosted by SFWA, covering language, prose structure, some common SF story types (of academic interest to us), plots, character and viewpoint.
As featured in Ansible 46, The Well-Tempered Plot Device which describes some qualities which make a book bad, many of which also apply to fanfiction.
Fenimore Cooper's literary offences by Mark Twain. Notable (to me) for his interesting "nineteen rules for fiction."
An online "Guide to Grammar and Style" by Jack Lynch. I (lexin, that is) don't agree with him about everything, but he's worth a read if you're at a loose end.

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